Shrinking Footprints

How can a BPO contact center company help to reduce your ecological footprint? Learn more in the following case study!

Native professionals from all over the world

This is a three-minute article for those who want to know the cornerstones of an international contact center’s everyday work. Read our article and find useful tips for outsourcing!

REbot – Smart Today, Green Tomorrow

From this July, make environmental consciousness your way of life! Let’s collect the most waste and produce the least, to set an example! REbot, an interactive gamification software developed by United Call Centers, helps you to take the first steps!

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BPO Brass Tacks Ep.03 – Fact Check: – Inadequate Brand Awareness in Outsourced Contact Centers?

Another common preconception, another fact-check: what’s up with brand awareness in BPO call centers?

Keep It Short! – BPO in Private Healthcare

What do you need to run a healthcare company’s professional customer support? We will explain in two minutes!

More Than Meets The Eye

Crucial information for those who have thought about outsourcing already, but still feel they need more than what “a typical call center company” can provide in the general sense of the word.

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How to Paint Like Picasso With AI Support?

How to create realistic or even completely unrealistic images using a very simple, AI-based interface?

Working as a Parent in the BPO Sector – Opportunities, motivations, contexts

What are the possibilities for single mothers with young children in the business services sector? How does parenthood affect work and vice versa? Read our case study!

5 Simple Tips for Efficient Work in Home Office

As home office work becomes more widespread and accepted, more and more of us are realizing that at home there are at least as many potentially distracting factors as in the office, only at most other types.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon eliminate customer service waiting time

The new technology provides savings for service providers and a better customer experience for consumers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also bring breakthroughs in customer service

AI solutions addressing many of these problems are already widely available, and in a few years around two thirds of transactions will be automated and AI-driven.

Emotion AI – As Seen by an Artificial Intelligence

Our editor gets digital help to tackle a topical issue and overcome writer’s block.

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How Can a BPO Contact Center Produce More Than 80% Of Its Operation Costs?

How can customer support generate enough revenue to cover the cost of employing a contact center, even on a one-to-one basis? In our case study, we provide some answers to these questions.

Business Service Basics – Autumn lectures of Debrecen BSC Roundtable

Every Wednesday from 4 P.M. the presentation series titled „Business Services Basics” begins at University of Debrecen by Debrecen Business Service Centers Roundtable. In part 2 of the introduction, which further presents a general overview of the sector, Róbert Hosszu, NI Hungary Managing Director and Senior Director of EMEA, and Zsolt Szmolinka, CEO at United Call Centers present to students of the University.

Paytia’s Agent Release Reduces Call Duration Time for Merchants Taking Payments Over the Phone

Agent Release, Paytia’s brand new product has arrived! The new platform offers the fastest speed on secure telephone card payments’ market.

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