Keep It Short! – BPO in Private Healthcare

Why does a private healthcare provider employ an outsourced contact centre?

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We support a major health centre with a full range of health and well-being services, including areas such as cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology, allergology, diagnostics and occupational health. Customer service is provided through a hybrid, partially outsourced system. How? Here is the gist in a nutshell.

The main features of the campaign

  • Relieving the burden on in-house customer services in areas requiring specialised knowledge to answer repetitive questions that do not require in-depth health training.
  • Supporting areas requiring a high volume of case management
  • This will help to ensure the overall quality of customer service, both during quiet and peak periods with large differences in call volumes.


  • Handling high volumes of incoming enquiries.
  • Booking appointments for company medical and specialist examinations, and surgeries.
  • Answering frequently asked questions.
  • Carrying out related administrative tasks.
  • Accurately delegating tasks to internal customer service when necessary.


Both private individuals and corporate clients

What are the main cornerstones of the service?

  • Quality of communication: clients pay for health services and rightly expect the highest possible quality of customer service.
  • Outstanding soft skills: clients come to the client for support on issues affecting their health. Along this line, it is important that the client's service is of the highest quality.
  • Accurate administration: keeping as accurate a record as possible of clients' details, from contact to treatment requested.
  • Native language proficiency in all the languages covered: health terminology is not necessarily part of the vocabulary of conversational level language skills, so it is necessary to have case managers who speak the language natively.
  • Ability to rapidly increase the number of operators available: for example, if the client contracts with a new corporate partner where a full team medical examination is required at short notice, the number of incoming calls may increase exponentially from one day to the next. In order to ensure a consistently high-quality customer experience, it may be necessary to bring on additional operators, even to increase the size of the default customer service team several times over.

That's where outsourcing really comes in handy, and a seasoned team with back-ups. A professional BPO firm is able to handle these situations seamlessly, delegating many times the core staff to a given campaign if necessary.

What counts as success in this type of campaign?

With a specialised field and frequently changing volumes, there are plenty of opportunities for the customer service team to demonstrate their skills and adaptability. Every month, we help thousands of clients waiting for specialist examinations and treatments to access high-quality healthcare services, thereby improving their quality of life. The quality check score for the service is 98% based on the latest evaluation data.

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