How to Paint Like Picasso With AI Support?

Discovering GauGAN2

The obviously clickbait title is corrected at the start, as anyone who knows anything about art history will know that Picasso did not paint photorealistic pictures very often, but he is indeed one of the most famous painters in the world. We needed this impressive verbal illustration to give you an idea of what the GauGAN2 AI Art Tool, an online graphics software developed by NVidia using artificial intelligence, can do, in a few minutes, to create realistic or even completely unrealistic images using a very simple interface.

GauGAN2 is easy to use, and on first start-up, the interface guides you through each step with a few short descriptions and shows you what the tools in the kit are good for. Then, as they say, the end result is only limited by your imagination.

With a few splashes of color and a few lines, you can sketch out the image you want to create, choosing the environment, the background, and the elements, from the beach to a road winding through a deserted field to mountains in the mist. When you feel you've got the sketch pretty much done, you can click the arrow that starts the image generation and then use the different color tones and optional light and shadow effects to make the image even more unique. It's great for entertainment, but it's also useful for graphic designers, content developers, or animators at work because once you've got the platform, you can generate photo-realistic landscapes in virtually minutes that would take much longer to create using traditional methods.

If a creative approach is allowed, this application, available in a demo version to anyone, can also be an important medium for the NFT craze, which is already in full swing, as it can be used to create a mass of digital art in a very short time. The first time we used it, we were able to evoke the abstract expressionist world of Jean-Paul Riopelle, and the second time we tried it, we ended up with a beautiful Mordor landscape.

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