Business Service Basics – Autumn lectures of Debrecen BSC Roundtable

Every Wednesday from 4 P.M. the presentation series titled „Business Services Basics” begins at University of Debrecen by Debrecen Business Service Centers Roundtable. In part 2 of the introduction, which further presents a general overview of the sector, Róbert Hosszu, NI Hungary Managing Director and Senior Director of EMEA, and Zsolt Szmolinka, CEO at United Call Centers present to students of the University.

The presentation series lasts until mid-December, and among others it covers topics such as business models, structures, enterprise resource planning systems, labor code basics, communication and presentation techniques, working in a multicultural environment, or even in virtual teams.

The next 10 weeks will provide a tremendous amount of knowledge for those who want to build a career in the business services sector, or want to receive useful information about the above areas.

As Zsolt said about the courses:

“The objective of the BSC course is, to allow university students in Debrecen to learn more about the work and advantages of Debrecen BSC Roundtable, the unique properties of the BSC segment, career opportunities, and later during building their career they can even settle in this sector.

This is also important because young people can work even in parallel to their studies in this sector, so they can learn business practices during the school years, or improve their competence in areas such as IT, customer service, HR, finance, or any other segment related to this industry. So it can be a great way to kickstart your career, but it is also more than that, a kind of perspective for the future, since many people later spend years at a company providing similar services.”

Other colleagues of United Call Centers will also appear in Business Service Basics, since on 13 October Dr. Norbert Kovács and Evelin Tóth (transcosmos) will hold a joint lecture on “Labor Code Basics” for the university students, and on 27 October Ákos Lőrincz and Nikolett Szabó-Kiss (EPAM) will co-operate on the “Communication techniques, work in virtual teams” presentation. Ákos has shared some great news as well:

“The companies behind Debrecen BSC Roundtable also co-operate with the Vocational Training Centre of Debrecen, meaning that we introduce the BSC sector to high schools as well.  We deem it important to introduce to the students what international business career opportunities they have in our city or in the country.

Many high schools already put significant emphasis on trainings in this direction and on language learning, even providing bilingual classes, but students seldom receive first-hand information about what life at the workplace is like, how they can become successful and effective, and this is also why it is important to introduce the sector. In a nutshell, those who participate in these courses,  and plan their future in this segment too, can tackle challenges more easily, because they can acquire important know-how during their school years which not only makes it easier to onboard at the workplace, but helps prepare for career challenges too.

On a related note, we have an accredited teacher training program as well, where we share many information with teachers that are only used in an enterprise environment, but we believe they can help improve education.”

Related to this topic, we are happy to share another good news. The Debrecen Business Service Center Roundtable a few days ago was awarded the prestigious 3rd place at the international Future of Emerging Europe Awards in the category of Future-Proof Education. As Ákos said on the topic:

“This third place is a significant milestone for us because the awards were backed by some of the world’s largest companies, and generally speaking there are hundreds of applications every year. Even if we did not bring the first place home, it is a tremendous acknowledgement to us since it is a feedback from industry professionals on the international market, that we are on the right path and the co-operation of our 9 companies creates real value.”

More information about Debrecen BSC Roundtable on their website and Facebook page.