CCW Small Encyclopedia of BPO Technical Terms EP.01 – BPO

Many of you may remember the scene of Monty Python’s Flying Circus series, where the RAF pilots, who use particularly ineloquent language, end up not understanding each other's jargon. As we like to make life easier both for our colleagues and partners in this glossary we translate terms and definitions that come up from time to time in our day-to-day work into let’s say everyday language. We hope this content will be useful for those who work in this industry and those who may want to outsource their customer service tasks.

So get down to nuts and bolts, and learn more about the basic technical terms on the business services sector and customer service! Let's start the series with one of the most basic three-letter acronyms!


Business Process Outsourcing. In the business services sector, it refers to, among other things, a type of collaboration where a company outsources its customer service functions to another specialized company, for example, to rationalize resources. Contact center staff communicate with customers both verbally and in writing on behalf of the client in a wide variety of areas, from simple food orders to health services and opinion polls.

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