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As one of the international BPO Pioneers, we have accumulated a large amount of experience and practices specific to a wide range of industries' customer services. We have created this site as a hub, a library to host this knowledge, an easy way to share cutting-edge information with our partners, clients, employees, and anyone interested in gaining crucial information about what's going on behind the curtains in this complex business sector, that is sometimes not easy to understand.

Many of you are already familiar with the curiosities of this industry, but we are also sure that there will be more of you for whom we will provide useful information on the operation of BPO customer services, professional challenges related to each field, service methodology, technical background, the psychological aspects of the business, or the explanation of some technical terms, which you may not have known.

Knowledge is information in the right place. Well-used knowledge is the way to make good decisions. Good decisions are the cornerstones of success. Use our knowledge to grow your success! So stay tuned, and if you have any questions or suggestions if you would like to recommend an online or offline professional event, feel free to contact us at our contact details!