5 Easy Tricks to Avoid Home Office Burnout

Since the whole world packed up and went home from the office all at once, many people tried for the first time what is the everyday life of companies that work in the at home model. Sure enough, everybody has heard about „homesourcing” and „freelancing” before. It has many benefits, such as improved „work-life balance”, higher productivity, more time spent with the family and the dog.

However, if you’re a new member of the at-home workforce, you might want to avoid the most common pitfalls right away. So here are a few pieces of advices to get you up and running.

1. Keep fit

Contact centre work is a sitting job, there’s no secret about that. If you’re planning on having a career of sitting 4-6 hours per day, you should keep fit. Try to do some light workout in the comfort of your home. Some people might prefer aerobic or even yoga. YouTube has fitness tutorials galore, find the one best for you. But don’t just watch them of course!

2. Eat healthy

A balanced work schedule needs a balanced diet. Try to make sure you eat your veggies – a broccoli or two doesn’t hurt. Make sure you don’t skip lunch. It’s easy to forget about eating when you’re in the middle of your day. Your body needs its „fuel”, so replenish your energy at regular intervals.

3. Socialize online

Keep in touch with your team mates and colleagues. You can fall out of the loop if you just focus on work all day. Use group chats for light conversation. You can also ask for help, or give feedback to your buddies. Be a team player!

4. Manage your time

Make sure you have enough time to do all of your tasks. Most people don’t want to burn the midnight oil and keep working after 6, especially on a Friday. There are various applications that can help keep track of your tasks, but good old Outlook can also help you with that. Creating task reminders also helps with procastination, since you will feel less inclined to avoid making that cold call, or writing that report.

5. Relax

If your home and your workplace are the same, you’re prone to overwork yourself. Make sure to give yourself time to regain your energy. If you can, put your work computer in a separate room, so you know if you enter it you’re in the work mindset. When you close the door, let your body and mind rest, so you can come back to work better than ever. Also, when you work, try to avoid distractions from the family and the pets.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and you will avoid some of the hurdles that come along the way. In home-based Call Center services, there are numerous opportunities to build a home-working career. Multilingual customer support positions are ideal for people with very good soft skills, and who speak different languages.