Five9 EMEA Summit is just around the Corner

After experiencing great success with their LATAM Summit, Five9 will be hosting another regional event in EMEA on the 6th of May 2021. Partners, clients, and customer experience experts from all across EMEA will be attending this industry-wide virtual event, boasting an impressive list of internal and external keynote speakers. Read full article on UC!

“We have been hosting our annual global conference, Five9 CX Summit, very successfully for quite a few summers now, and customers and partners really love the event,“ shares Sabine Winterkamp, Senior Director Global Marketing at Five9.

“Our EMEA audience asked for a regional event to cover local content and trends and more. We listened, and here we are.”

Local Flavour

Being a regional event, Five9 has made sure to tailor the summit’s content in such a way that would fit a regional audience.

“We will have Martin Redhead of MZA, an analyst house here in the UK, as one of our keynote speakers, and are really looking forward to learn more about his latest insights on the industry,” says Winterkamp.

Other speakers will include Five9’s VP & GM of EMEA, Brian Atkinson; CTO and Head of AI, Jonathan Rosenberg; Inference’s SVP and GM, Callan Schebella; and Five9 partners. Sessions and panel topics will vary from trends in the EMEA customer service market to digital transformation and how AI is reinventing customer experiences.

CX in the Centre

Five9’s EMEA Summit comes at a time when CX is more crucial than ever, as the onset of COVID-19 has put customer service in the centre.

“CX has always been topical, but with the pandemic, it has become even more so,” explains Winterkamp.

“Just take a look at the retailers: we are living in an online world right now. If the experience customers are getting while contacting a retailer is bad, they’ll simply go to the next one. Businesses need to deliver a great experience to retain customers, now more than ever, as the contact centre has become the new front door to businesses.”

Winterkamp believes that in the current climate, businesses have to put a large emphasis on CX in order to survive.

“I don’t believe things will go back entirely to the way they were before. It’s going to be different, a new normal. Businesses need to understand that the customer service they are delivering now needs to be superb – good is no longer enough.”

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