CCW Small Encyclopedia of BPO Technical Terms EP.02 – KPI

We continue our series in which we translate tons of TLAs - three-letter abbreviations - of the BPO profession into, let’s say, ordinary language. Our term for today is often uttered in connection with any call center or contact service. Get down to the nuts and bolts - expand your vocabulary with us!


Key Performance Indicator. Key performance indicators are the benchmarks that the contact center providing the service must meet in the course of the cooperation. The benchmarks are determined by the contract related to the cooperation. In the field of customer service or related sales activities, such a metric could be the number of new customers or purchases, the proportion of purchases, the number of leads generated or sent, their ratio to the total customer base sought, the maximum duration of a call, the percentage of successful problem solving, so practically anything that the client considers important for effectiveness or the customer experience.

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