The Name That You Know – The Name That You Trust

What Does an Industry-Standard Software Do for a Contact Center Beyond the Day-To-Day Work?

Everything is the same in different ways. Every industry has its emblematic brands. Construction? Caterpillar or Bosch. IT? Microsoft and Apple, and so on. Music industry? Stradivari and Bösendorfer, or maybe Fender, Gibson, and Marshall in other genres. Studio technology? Pro-Tools, Focusrite, SSL. The list is endless. The business services sector is no different in this respect. It has its own representative tools, whatever the service area, or the specific task. But what an industry-standard software, or technological environment can do for a contact center company beyond its day-to-day use? Can our technological background help us to sell, or to succeed in the market? Can it be a tool for internationalization?  We asked experts for their views on the subject.

It's no coincidence that you can find a full list of the tools on the website of almost every recording studio. Even for the most discerning performer, it's reassuring to know that they can work in a technically up-to-date environment with top-quality equipment. You don’t have a degree in psychology to understand the reasons. If something is chosen by many, sooner or later it will become a well-known brand name in its actual field. A well-known name breeds trust. If someone, who I want to work with, uses a tool that I know and understand, because I have used it or am using it, that is a connection point - an extra page, so to speak, at the beginning of the "trust checkbook".

As part of a larger study, we conducted several interviews with international contact center professionals. We asked them to share their practical experiences and thoughts on what they think such a technological background of a well-known name adds to the external perception of their company.

Common Platform as a Connecting Point

Here's what our interviewees told us on the subject.

"In international cooperation, there are many potentially different parameters to be prepared for. A well-known, widely used tool, a common platform, is also a connecting point to find a solution that works for everyone."

"It's a very good starting point to talk about a system that is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. The products from the industry leaders are well supported, if we have any questions we can get help virtually instantly. An absolutely reliable technology infrastructure, backed by a strong manufacturing base, is essential and a prerequisite for international acceptance."

"Business standard solutions make it easier for everyone to work together. They complement our existing knowledge and link it to another area. In this way, we can find synergies when working together."

Think 4th Dimensionally!

Of course, day-to-day use is not everything, we also need to think about the future, as the contact center industry and the technology supporting it is innovating every day. Let's see what the experts we interviewed think.

"It's not necessary to choose a product from a well-known international developer, as there is plenty of lesser-known software that can be used to perform daily tasks. But times are changing very fast, and at the technology level, in today's world, performance and simplicity are the daily determinants. Tools that have the potential to become a known brand in a specialist field can do all of this and, more importantly, prospective clients know this about them." 

"Working with an emerging platform with great features and user interface makes day-to-day work more convenient, and that means growth for us in the longer term. Training of prospective operators can be much faster with an easy-to-use system that is automated in many respects."

"Any newly tested, sophisticated software development can naturally contribute to international success, whether it's at the customer service, management level, or other areas where we are looking for new tools to do so."

A widely known, reliable, easy-to-use software, a cutting-edge infrastructure is not everything, of course, because the system is run by people. A team of good, skilled, enthusiastic operators will be able to achieve good results even in a less up-to-date environment, while for an unmotivated employee a new software with a lot of features and strong support will be just another tool to work with instead of an opportunity to step out of his comfort zone again.

The key to progress, in addition to continually updating the technological infrastructure, is planning, continuous learning, the ability to introspect, think ahead, and develop and train the corporate entity on a daily basis, both as a whole and as an individual. When a good, motivated team is working supported by an internationally known and recognized system, every client can be assured that they are in good hands.

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